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Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: What Do The Cages Come Standard With?

A: Cages come standard Mig welded with DOM Tubing, Dual Whip Tabs, Light Bar Bracket, Front Intrusions Bars and any basic single stage powder coat.

Q: How Much Does It Cost For A TIG Upgrade (Just Cage)?

A: 2 Seat- $375 4 Seat- $500

Q: Is Powder Coat Included?

A:  Single basic colors are included. If our Powder Coater has to order the powder, there will be an additional cost. That cost depends on the choice of powder.

Q: How Much Is It To Have A Metallic Powder?

A: Usually metallic colors are 2 or 3 stage. The price will vary according to the size. You just pay the price difference between the stages. Madigan covers the single stage powder cost.

Q: Does The Cage Price Include The Roof?

A: No

Q:  What Is The Cost To Have A Cage Pre-Wired?

A: The cost to have a cage pre-wired is $85.00 per hour with a two-hour minimum per job. 


Front Bumpers:

Q: Can I Add A Winch Mount To My Front Bumper, And If So How Much?

A: XP only for an additional $20.00.



Q: Do The Doors Fit All Factory Style Cages Or Are The Strictly Madigan?

A: Can-Am Maverick and XP4 strictly Madigan. XP2 are for any setup.


Roof Rack:

Q: Does The Roof Rack Come With Light Tabs?  

A:  The roof rack can come with light tabs. If this is your second set of tabs, the price is an additional $65.00.

Q: What Size Light Bar Do The Tabs Fit?

A: XP 30” and Can- Am  40”. (Light Bar Must Be Provided)



Q: Does The Suspension Come With Axles?

A:  Yes Summer Brother Racing Axles

- XP 4340 front and rears, XDS 4340  front and 300m rears. XRS 4340 front and Rear.

(Upgraded 300m available upon request.)

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