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About us

At an early age Thomas Madigan, the owner of Madigan Motorsports was introduced to the world of Motorsports by his father Bill Madigan. Bill brought Thomas to every race. Thomas would help out with the race truck being his main supporter. By the age of fifteen Thomas Madigan was creating handmade model trophy trucks. When he wasn't doing that he would be drawing them. From then on he was hooked on motorsports.


In 2001 Thomas Madigan opened his own bussiness in San Marcos. He started out by building cages, long travel kits and other suspension pieces. He evolved into building full race cars and trucks from the ground up. Tom was approached by  Full Potential and worked along with them building sand cars, FIA Dakar Rally Cars, and short course cars such as the Superlites that are still raced in LOORRS today.


Thomas now has his own business that has been open for 10 years and is based out of Menifee, CA. Him and the Madigan staff are now specializing in stock race or play UTV products.

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