The perfect base camp or chase radio! With 50 watts of power, you will be able to reach your vehicle from a long distance. This kit combines just what you need for chase vehicle operations or base camp setup. Offered in either UHF or VHF, the powerful 50 watt performance delivers on long range clear communications up to 20~30 miles.

Tough, compact, and feature packed, the Motorola VX2200 radio comes backed with a full 3 year factory warranty.

The VX2200 is by far our most popular mobile radio delivering ample power, performance, durability, and consistent reliability.

VX2200 Features:

  • Powerful 50 watt VHF VX2200
  • 8 Character alpha tag display
  • 3-Year Factory Warranty

Motorola VX2200 50-Watt (VHF) Radio Kit